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Peer-Reviewed Medical Communications

Peer-reviewed medical communications are a fundamental part of any successful health economic platform for new or existing healthcare technologies. CTI's HECOR team has substantial experience in crafting and executing peer-reviewed medical communication strategies for our clients. We believe that peer-reviewed medical communications provide the scientific foundation for a credible economic valuation of new and existing healthcare technologies that are vital for dissemination to global healthcare payers.


Publication of important health economic research findings form the foundation of estimating the economic value of an improvement in clinical effectiveness for a new or existing healthcare technology. Clinical and economic research results need to be communicated clearly and accurately in order to influence healthcare payers and clinicians regarding the credibility of research findings around the world.

CTI's HECOR team will work to make certain that study findings and concepts are conveyed clearly and accurately to reviewers and editors who will judge whether research findings are acceptable for publication, which then leads to dissemination of clinical and economic study findings around the world.

Tina Hunter, PhD
Senior Director, Biostatistics and Health Outcomes Research
Tina brings 25 years of experience in statistics, research, teaching and engineering, along with experience in a wide variety of US and ex-US health data sources. She has also represented medical device and pharmaceutical clients at FDA meetings, on Scientific Advisory Committees, and at industry conferences.

Tina Hunter

Abstracts and Conference Presentations

Abstract submissions with acceptance and subsequent presentation of clinical and economic findings at scientific meetings and congresses are often the first step in building a credible evidence groundwork for a new or existing healthcare technology.

CTI's HECOR team has a proven track record of abstract submission and subsequent acceptance for inclusion through a wide variety of clinical and economically focused scientific meetings around the world. Our scientists and researchers have a track record of quickly and efficiently drafting an abstract suitable for conference submission.

CTI’s HECOR team can also assist clients in choosing the most appropriate scientific venue for presentation of important clinical and economic research findings. We work directly with our clients in determining the most impactful forum for dissemination of study findings.


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