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Health Economics & Outcomes Research

CTI offers clients a complete portfolio of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HECOR) services to assess the effect of health care interventions on patient-related, clinical, and economic outcomes. CTI's HECOR team is focused on advising and supporting our clients in translating product-specific clinical effects into economic and humanistic outcomes through a variety of data sources and methodologies. 

Economic Evaluations

CTI’s HECOR team utilizes contemporary economic evaluation methodologies which provide our clients the best potential opportunity to achieve optimal patient access in the major global markets.

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Real World Evidence Studies

Real World Evidence (RWE) Studies utilize various data sources to assemble patient outcomes information resulting from normal medical practice among diverse sets of patients.

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Literature Reviews

Our team of experts frequently conduct literature reviews which provide the basis for drug development planning, clinical study design and have become a significant element of regulatory submissions, especially in rare diseases.

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Peer-Reviewed Medical Communications

Peer-reviewed medical communications are a fundamental part of any successful health economic platform for new or existing healthcare technologies.

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Core Value Dossiers (CVD)

CTI’s HECOR team assists our clients in prioritizing content within the CVD to capitalize on market access opportunities for their new and existing healthcare technologies in a global marketplace.

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Health Resource Data Collection within Clinical Trials

CTI's HECOR team helps our sponsors evaluate the best way to collect health resource utilization data, whether it is within a randomized controlled trial or through a pragmatic clinical trial.

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